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World Obesity membership expands to over 100 organisations!

NewsWorld Obesity membership expands to over 100 organisations!

This World Obesity Day, as we seek to strengthen international cohesion in the field of obesity, World Obesity Federation welcomed four dynamic organisations working in obesity research, advocacy and more.

The new affiliates to the Federation are from Ghana, South Africa, South Korea, and Italy, and we are certain that each will contribute immensely to the task of preventing and managing obesity in their respective communities. We also welcome an organisation in France who have re-joined as a member.

Let's meet the organisations:

The Society for Korean Obesity and Metabolism Studies (SOMS), which joins as a Full Member, was founded in 2002. SOMS leads in obesity research and clinical practices, offering a platform for academic exchange in South Korea. It organises academic conferences, publishes 'Archives of Obesity and Metabolism', and is involved in obesity education nationally.

This year, SOMS will host the 'International Conference on Obesity & Metabolism 2024', with the slogan 'Empowering Health, Inspiring Change: Practical Solutions for Obesity.'

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A relatively new organisation in South Africa, SAMMS aims to improve health delivery in South Africa and the African continent by improving knowledge around aspects of obesity and related diseases, including prevention and treatment. Through its members, it promotes training of healthcare professionals in both medical and surgical management of obesity. SAMMS is involved in the drafting of guidelines in obesity management and makes recommendations to official bodies, insurers and the public in South Africa.

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The Coalition of NGOs in Nutrition and Food Security (CONFSEC Ghana) aims to address malnutrition in all its forms within the nation of Ghana, working collaboratively with stakeholders in public and private sectors, multilateral agencies and others. Specifically, the Coalition works to increase people’s understanding about the consequences of malnutrition in early life, build capacity and advocate for policy change that promotes healthy and sustainable food practices. The Coalition joins as a Full Member.

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IBDO Foundation, which joins as an Associate, is a 'modern think tank' on obesity and diabetes. IBDO publishes an annual report on the burden of disease of obesity and diabetes with the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT). As part of its objectives, IBDO Foundation aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific research and knowledge both in Italy and abroad in the field of prevention, early diagnosis and management models in the field of NCDs, particularly diabetes, obesity and cardio-metabolic diseases. It is also tasked with disseminating knowledge on the above fields, and regularly collaborates with government bodies, from the Ministry of Health to local authorities and medical units.

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Finally, Ligue Contre L'Obésité, an NGO which convenes all the main actors in the fight against obesity in France, has re-joined World Obesity.

As well as advocating for better prevention and treatment strategies, the League coordinates action among patients living with obesity throughout the French territory, and is a valued partner of World Obesity.

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World Obesity is thrilled to welcome these organisations to the fold and looks forward to future collaborations, as we seek to support those living with obesity worldwide and strive for a healthier world.

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