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World Obesity Day in Azerbaijan

NewsWorld Obesity Day in Azerbaijan

The Academy of Nutrition, Dietetics and Obesity Prevention (ANDOP) of Azerbaijan marked World Obesity Day 2022 with its annual conference, held on Saturday 5 March in Baku and attended by more than 200 healthcare professionals.


Dr Sevinc Zaman, ANDOP president, summarises the event and the significance of World Obesity Day in her country:

“Obesity is one of the most serious global health problems of the 21st century, and an issue which is currently affecting the whole world.

ANDOP is constantly educating the public about this world problem. We inform and educate the population through the media and social networks, as well as through educational programs and consulting work.

This year, World Obesity Day was celebrated by us on March 5th. Our annual international and scientific conference has become a significant event in the medical community and attracts the attention of the general public also. The conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Azerbaijani representation of the World Health Organization, the Association of Endocrinologists, the Association of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, the Association of Cardiologists and the Association of Gynaecologists. In total, more than 200 doctors and healthcare workers took part in the conference.

Various aspects of the global obesity problem were discussed at the annual international scientific conference of ANDOP: prevention of obesity, bariatric and metabolic surgery, childhood obesity, pharmacotherapy treatments, long-term monitoring of patients, the establishment of specialized centres to combat obesity, and more.

The event brought together professionals of various specialties working in this field - therapists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, and organization representatives.

Participants and guests at the conference thanked us for the excellent organization of the annual conference, which has become customary since ANDOP’s inception.

We at ANDOP are glad to be making a small contribution to the fight against this global problem.”


To find out more about ANDOP, visit their website.