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It has been another busy month in the World Obesity data department. Below are some updates! 

  1. We have new data on trends in Argentina & Brazil. We hope you have found them interesting.  If you haven’t seen them yet you can view them here.  
  2. We are also very busy translating many of our graphics into the 24 European languages. If you would be interested to have an early preview please email Rachel at
  3. Next month we will be focusing on updating our country reports. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view these either do come take a look here! These are currently only available for EU countries but we hope to roll these out globally in the future.
  4. On our Interactive Atlas you will find information on overweight and obesity prevalence, by gender, age, region, education and socio-economic group. If you have any data that you feel should be included in the atlas please do contact us at

World Obesity Data

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