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WOD 2024: Uniting to address obesity in South Africa

NewsWOD 2024: Uniting to address obesity in South Africa

For World Obesity Day 2024, South Africa came together to address a pressing global and national crisis - obesity.

With over two-thirds of South African women, 30% of men and a significant proportion of children facing obesity or overweight conditions, our collective actions have never been more crucial.

South Africa's detailed scorecard presented a sobering view of the projected growth in obesity rates and its repercussions on public health. Highlighting the annual growth rates of obesity in adults and children and the impact on NCDs, the scorecard served as a crucial tool for understanding the magnitude of the problem and the urgent need for intervention.

Editorial Awareness

The week kicked off with a powerful editorial published on March 4, 2024, emphasising the urgent need for attention on obesity, paralleling the urgency once associated with the HIV epidemic. Highlighting the stark statistics and the multifaceted approach needed to combat this issue, the message resonated across the nation, urging a combined effort to tackle obesity's roots and its widespread effects.

Read the full paper here.

Advocacy and Thought Leadership

Ezintsha's Dr Nomathemba Chandiwana and Prof. Francois Venter contributed a compelling piece on the lessons learned from HIV that could be applied to the obesity crisis. Stressing the importance of destigmatisation, scientific understanding, and accessible treatment, their insights underscore the critical need for a shift in perception and policy towards obesity.

Access the article here.

WOD 2024

Community Engagement

The World Obesity Day walk at The Wilds Nature Reserve in Johannesburg, was a highlight of the week. The community came together, adorned in colourful t-shirts, to take a stand against obesity and walk the talk - quite literally.

This event was not just a demonstration of commitment but also a call to action, encouraging healthy lifestyles amidst the beauty of nature.

Collaborative Declaration

The Johannesburg Declaration event brought together 60 individuals from 15 different organisations, marking a significant step towards unified action against obesity. With sessions on community impact, policy implications, and youth engagement, a foundation was laid for ongoing collaboration and advocacy in combating obesity. You can view the Agenda for this event here.

Looking Ahead

The journey does not end here. The insights gained and the connections made this week are stepping stones to more work that needs to be done together, for a healthier future for South Africa and beyond.

Thank you for your commitment and enthusiasm throughout World Obesity Week. Let's continue this momentum, advocating for change, and making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

World Obesity Day

For more information about WOD and to read about WOD activities around the world, visit our dedicated website.

World Obesity Day

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