Two new SCOPE Accredited Medscape activities now live! | World Obesity Federation

Two new SCOPE Accredited Medscape activities now live!

NewsTwo new SCOPE Accredited Medscape activities now live!

Calling primary care physicians (PCPs), diabetologists, endocrinologists, and cardiologists worldwide. World Obesity is delighted to announce the launch of two new SCOPE Accredited activities developed through its partnership with Medscape Education.


The first activity, ‘Embracing Obesity in Collaboration – Why, When, and How to Intervene?’ features Prof Luc Van Gaal, Dr Rachel Pryke, Dr Cathy Breen and Dr Luca Busetto. The goals of the activity are to increase health professionals’ competency in the management of obesity, including unmet patient needs and the application of new treatment paradigms, and to increase awareness of emerging data on new therapeutic options. This activity has been accredited with 0.5 SCOPE points which count towards SCOPE Certification, and can be accessed here!

The second activity, ‘Are We Ready to Tackle Chronic Obesity in Primary Care?’ features Prof Herman Toplak, Dr Rachel Pryke, Dr Robert McCarthy (editor) and Nafeez Zawahir (content reviewer). The goals of this activity are to enhance clinician knowledge on the role of obesity in the development and exacerbation of a range of disorders; the difficulty of weight loss; the problem of weight regain after weight loss; and the interventional strategies and pharmacotherapies that have shown benefit in weight loss and weight regain prevention. Access it here to obtain 0.5 SCOPE credits towards SCOPE Certification.