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Regional Dialogue - Brazil

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Connecting the local and global community to address obesity in Latin America

June 12th, 2019
Pontifical Catholic University, Rio di Janeiro, Brazil

World Obesity Federation held a regional dialogue in Rio de Janeiro to understand the main issues for obesity in Latin America countries including Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. The discussions were structured to aid World Obesity’s development of a World Health Assembly Resolution on obesity. 


·        Understand the main concerns for food and health systems in Latin American countries;

·        Explore current perceptions of obesity by healthcare professionals, academics and activists from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay;

·        Develop advocacy messages for use on both national and global platforms;

·        Discuss the barriers and enablers to effective action on obesity;

·        Provide input into international advocacy and policy campaigns;

·        Enable global activists networking opportunities


Brazil Regional Dialogue Agenda

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Presentation Slides

Johanna Ralston Powerpoint

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Olivia Barata Cavalcanti Powerpoint

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Brazil Regional Dialogue Report

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