Press release: World Obesity Day is changing

NewsPress release: World Obesity Day is changing


  • World Obesity teams up with international partners to form the first unified World Obesity Day.
  • World Obesity Day to be moved from 11th October to March 4th from 2020 onwards.

The World Obesity Federation is joining forces with a coalition of organisations worldwide to unite the existing platform of World Obesity Day from March 4th  2020. The new coalition1 aims to tackle obesity together - aligning existing obesity days and coordinating to inspire global change in policy making, attitudes and action towards obesity.

World Obesity Day, which has previously been organised on October 11th, will give way in 2020 to the launch of a new World Obesity Day on March 4th 2020 to respond to the need for a global and unified voice to answer the critical challenges that lay ahead.  Several reports  that will launch this October around October 11th, including from OECD and UNICEF as well as new analyses of WHO childhood obesity data, will present further evidence that a comprehensive response is needed. The new World Obesity Day 2020 will help translate recommendations into policy asks and actions at global, regional and national levels.

Obesity has become a global crisis affecting more than two billion people, but it is currently poorly understood. The complex nature of the disease, the challenges faced by developing sustainable solutions and the burden of weight stigma means there is a necessity for a cohesive approach and a desire to work together to address these challenges.

Why now?

In recent years, numerous successful obesity days and weeks, including National Obesity Care Week in the USA, European Obesity Day, Indian Obesity Day and World Obesity Day have been held. While these have reached over one billion people, the new unified World Obesity Day will give new impetus to the power and reach of ongoing activities.

The new World Obesity Day will reach global recognition and be inclusive of regional and national campaigns, as well as local activities and events. Organisations around the world will acknowledge and celebrate unified efforts on 4th March 2020. Together, we can change the narrative around obesity.

Save the date, 4th March 2020 and spread the message about the new World Obesity Day.