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We are thrilled to offer our members an exciting engagement opportunity known as the NCD Lab. The NCD Lab forms part of the WHO Global Coordination Mechanism for the Prevention and Control of NCDs.

The Third Cycle of this WHO project is focused on obesity, and forms part of the Acceleration Plan for the implementation on Recommendations on Obesity. This project aims to gather innovative approaches that address the complex determinants of obesity and have the potential to positively impact people’s decisions around food intake and physical activity.

Members may apply to the scheme under one of three themes: Women and Girls; NCDs and the Next Generation; or Meaningful Engagement of PLWNCDs and Mental Health Conditions.

Some recent exemplary innovations tackling obesity that may serve as a guide include: octagonal warning labels to help consumers choose healthier food in Jamaica; personalised health programmes to manage weight, diabetes and blood pressure in the USA, or a reality TV cooking show in the Pacific Islands providing healthy eating solutions addressing convenience, taste and affordability.

Submission packs are available upon request. A media dissemination kit for sharing among your wider networks may also be requested. Translations of the packs are available in the 6 UN languages.

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