More than 50 physicians in Chile become SCOPE Certified

NewsMore than 50 physicians in Chile become SCOPE Certified

For the second consecutive year, a large group of physicians in Chile has become SCOPE Certified after completing the SCOPE E-Learning course. The participants, who were predominantly GPs and nutrition specialists, travelled from various parts of the country to attend a ceremony last month where they received their certificates. Dr Ada Cuevas, a representative of World Obesity’s Clinical Care Committee, was present at the ceremony. Dr Cuevas commented:

According to the results of the last National Health Survey of 2017, more than 70% of the Chilean adult population are affected by overweight or obesity. Therefore, it is crucial that health professionals working with patients with obesity have a better knowledge of the physiopathology, study and treatment of this condition. We hope to continue and increase the number of participants every year, and in the near future implement SCOPE School programs that complement this educational activity.

SCOPE recently introduced various new modules in Spanish on its new online platform, including the Core Learning Path. For more information, please visit this page.