HMAO announce their new publication: Impact of obesity on health

NewsHMAO announce their new publication: Impact of obesity on health

It is the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity's great pleasure to announce their new action in the context of continuing medical education for obesity, which is the publication of a new –the second book by ΗΜΑΟ entitled: "Impact of obesity on health’’. ISBN: 978-960-9553-33-9.

The book is addressed to doctors and health professionals in general, informing them in detail about the multiple and varied effects of obesity on health.

The aim of this publication is to make common and understood, with seriousness and scientific approach, the multiple effects of obesity on health since the disease is causally combined with many and varied consequences of the human body. Also, aims to scientifically shield doctors in the treatment of obese patients and the obese patients to have a more comprehensive and effective treatment.

The authors, reputable scientists and with rich clinical experience, thoroughly analyze the ways in which obesity is associated with every complication, in order to document the etiological pathogenesis of the complication of obesity, and is well known that obesity, this multi-systemic disease, has been proven to reduce both the quality and quantity of life expectancy.

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