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ECPO launches ‘Voices of Youth in Obesity’ podcast

NewsECPO launches 'Voices of Youth in Obesity' podcast

To date, there has been relatively limited research, discussion and policy focus on adolescent obesity, yet one in seven 15 years olds in Europe is living with overweight or obesity.

Young adults with obesity are continuously stigmatised, and ‘blamed’ for their weight.  A prime example of the weight bias and stigma is prevalent in the images used by the media.

Currently, teenagers living with obesity are not receiving the support, guidance, treatment and care that has been indicated in ACTION Teens study 2022, Lund University study 2021, International project called ‘Confronting obesity: Co-creating policy with youth’ (CO-CREATE) 2021.

This campaign will focus on the real lived experiences of teenagers across Europe who are living with or affected by overweight or obesity.

ECPO has been engaging with young adults from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland, who have contributed their opinions and experiences of obesity.

Episode 1 on 'Breaking the silence on teenager obesity' is available now from major podcast providers.