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Dr. Priti Hemant Phatale awarded SCOPE National Fellowship

NewsDr. Priti Hemant Phatale awarded SCOPE National Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr. Priti Phatale, who has been awarded a National Fellowship by SCOPE (the Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education).

Dr. Priti Phatale

Dr. Priti Phatale is a paediatrician, exclusively practicing as a childhood obesity specialist in India since 2006. She is Vice President of the Maharashtra chapter of All India Association of Advancing Research in Obesity (AIAARO) – also one of World Obesity’ National Member associations.


Dr Priti Phatale is a member of the Maharashtra Government NCD Prevention Taskforce and takes a proactive role to organise and speak at SCOPE accredited conferences and SCOPE Schools including AIAAROCON 2018 and SCOPE School India 2019. Her vast research in the field is portrayed through her academic papers and textbooks that have also been presented at such events.

Priti is very passionate to save the next generation from the co-morbidities of obesity. She has hosted many training programs regarding a healthy lifestyle in schools to train teachers, school staff & children. Alongside colleagues, she celebrates World Obesity Day (WOD) every year by conducting activities beneficial to all; from medical fraternities to community-level initiatives as a means of creating public awareness about this global epidemic. Her charity project, the ‘Energy Health Club’ for obese children a charity project was founded in 2013 with regular activities until 2019. She is taking immense efforts for percolating the seriousness of childhood obesity in communities through media via articles in newspapers or through the national radio.

In recognition of her achievements, Dr. Priti Phatale has now been awarded a SCOPE National Fellowship by the World Obesity Federation. This is amongst the most prestigious awards offered by SCOPE and recognises world-class expertise in the field of obesity management.