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2022 in review: The Obesity Society (TOS)

News2022 in review: The Obesity Society (TOS)

In 2023, the new President of TOS, Dr Elizabeth Parks, will advance new Obesity Society initiatives begun in 2021 and 2022.

This includes assessing the success of several new Diversity Initiatives, follow-through on planned activities proposed by a Roundtable (a collaboration between several professional societies with interests in obesity), and the launch and support of monthly Grand Rounds presentations. For each of these activities, TOS will collect metrics on member participation and receive member input to increase value to TOS members.

In addition, because the Society’s bylaws were recently updated, activities in 2023 will include revision of the standard operating procedures with important input from our committee members and chairs.

Finally, there will be expansion of joint activities planned between TOS and the Society for Behavioral Medicine and the American Society for Nutrition.

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