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2022 in review: Science & Data

News2022 in review: Science & Data

The Global Obesity Observatory team has been hard at work in 2022 adding hundreds of updates in almost 100 countries!

Over the last year, we have doubled the number of visitors to the Observatory and page views are just shy of 900,000. If you have not already visited us this year (or even if you have), please do come and explore what we have on offer and help us get to 1 million views!

Our reach is far and wide with visitors from 225 countries or islands and our work has been reproduced around the globe from India to Mexico to Cameroon, Oman and beyond.

Highlights this year, on top of our regular data updates, include updated presentation maps, the expansion of the economic impact of obesity work to 161 countries, the production of policy reports and the very handy contextual factor summaries.

Looking to 2023

In 2023 we will be launching a cross-national survey page where you can review data from a single survey source for multiple countries. We are also working on a feature that will allow you to view and download all our Atlas data in one place.

We look forward to more and even better data in the new year! In the meantime, visit us at data.worldobesity.org.

Visit the Observatory

Visit our Global Obesity Observatory now to view all the latest global obesity data.

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