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2021 in review: Wellness for Greatness Kenya

News2021 in review: Wellness for Greatness Kenya

This past year, Wellness for Greatness Kenya was involved in various obesity initiatives. We organized a talk, participated in a webinar, and went on the radio talking about obesity, its challenges and how to prevent it. Looking forward, we plan to host the first ever global Summit on Obesity in Kenya.

On March 4, 2021, during World Obesity Day: Wellness for Greatness Kenya organized an obesity awareness talk to mark World Obesity Day at Makini School Ngong Road Campus in Nairobi. We engaged over 100 learners in Year 7, 8 and 9. 

The event was graced by Nutritionist, Dietician and Lecturer Dr. Ojwang Alice Achieng, World Obesity General Council member/Wellness for Greatness Kenya Executive Director Mr. Moses Oluchiri, and Sports Director Makini Schools Mr. Leonard Omollo. Learners were encouraged to adopt healthier lifestyles using Dr. Ojwang's FREEES model; Freeing the body from toxins, Rehydrating, Eating healthy diets, Exercising, Enough rest and Stress management. We also sensitized the young minds on the social and economic impacts of obesity on the individual, school, family, community and country.

On June 22, 2021: our Founder and Executive director Mr. Moses Oluchiri was a presenter for World Obesity Live- Obesity in Africa virtual session. This webinar provided an overview of obesity in several African countries and addresses how different perspectives and drivers of obesity contribute to some of the challenges.  The topic Mr.Moses Oluchiri presented on was Childhood Obesity and the importance of early intervention, including working with schools. 

On July 7, 2021: our Founder and Executive director Mr. Moses Oluchiri was a guest on the Family Radio show. Topics of discussion included:

  • What factors cause obesity?
  • Is obesity and overweight on and the same thing?
  • Is obesity hereditary?
  • Is obesity harmful to your health?
  • Is obesity a physical or mental health issue?
  • Is there stigmatization to persons suffering from obesity? If yes, how can we correct it as a society?
  • How can we prevent obesity?
  • Can obesity shorten life expectancy?
  • Why the rise in child obesity?
  • Can we link the culture of fast-food eating to the rise of obesity among the urban population?
  • Where can one seek professional help?

During the Summer of 2022: Wellness for Greatness Kenya intends to launch the first ever global summit on Obesity in Kenya, welcoming all stakeholders working in the field of obesity and its wider determinants.

The goals of the summit is:

  • To open an engaging discussion amongst all stakeholders regarding obesity as a growing public health concern.
  • To establish a resolution/declaration on Obesity at the end of summit

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