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2021 in review: The Obesity Society (TOS)

News2021 in review: The Obesity Society (TOS)

In 2021, in conjunction with the Executive committee and TOS staff, TOS president Cathy Kotz, PhD, spearheaded new DEI efforts within The Obesity Society and appointed a taskforce for important guidance.

Activities included organizing a World Obesity Day symposium focused on DEI in Obesity research and care; reinvigorating all TOS committees, balancing diversity to improve DEI within leadership; securing funding for a TOS DEI roundtable; and leadership training for diversity candidates.

In 2022, TOS president Dan Bessesen, MD, will be working with a range of stakeholders to further our understanding of where there are barriers to implementing evidence-based treatments for obesity in real clinical environments and developing strategies for overcoming these barriers. TOS will work with people living with obesity, clinicians, researchers, insurers, government representatives and industry to find common ground to make progress on this goal.

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