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2021 in review: Obesity Medicine Association (OMA)

News2021 in review: Obesity Medicine Association (OMA)

Over the course of 2021, the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) has had a number of achievements.

Some of our key accomplishments and highlights include:

  • OMA launched the 2021 Obesity Algorithm which is a set of obesity treatment guidelines available in digital and print. This is the latest obesity treatment algorithm and trends, and highlights how to implement evidence-based medical approaches to help patients achieve their weight and health goals. https://obesitymedicine.org/obesity-algorithm/
  • OMA launched the 2020-2022 Pediatric Obesity Algorithm which is a clinical tool to help health care professionals make informed decisions when treating obesity in children. This resource provides age-specific recommendations and a staged treatment approach for treating childhood obesity. https://obesitymedicine.org/childhood-obesity/
  • OMA Launched new pediatric resources including a second Self-Assessment Program focused on Pediatrics and Pediatric Office Forms. The OMA Self-Assessment Program (SAP) Volume II — Pediatrics is a comprehensive, self-exam containing 60 case-based scenarios and questions regarding the science and clinical aspects focused on the unique challenges of treating pediatric obesity. https://obesitymedicine.org/oma-sap-peds/
  • OMA launched hybrid conferences this year to offer different learning formats to a variety of audiences. In the fall of 2021, we were able to host our in-person conference in Chicago, IL for up to 30 CME/CE for attendees and we then offered a virtual option to follow two weeks post event.
  • OMA partnered with Pri-Med to co-develop a course ‘Current Issues in Obesity: Stigma, Science, and Solutions’ to educate primary care providers on the diagnosis and treatment of obesity. https://obesitymedicine.org/free-partner-education/
  • OMA is launching a new Journal in January of 2022 called Obesity Pillars. Our medical journal is dedicated to publishing evidence-based research for health care clinicians in the field of obesity medicine. https://obesitymedicine.org/obesity-pillars/

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