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2021 in review: El Salvador Obesity Association (ASOBE)

News2021 in review: El Salvador Obesity Association (ASOBE)

The El Salvador Obesity Association (ASOBE), led by Dr Gilda de Noyola, marked a busy year with a number of interventions in the media, participation in conferences in El Salvador and further afield, as well as the organisation of a three-day national obesity congress.

Most impressively, ASOBE shared a series of daily clips in the run-up to World Obesity Day 2021. These segments, shared via social media channels, tackled subjects such as the definition of obesity, complications associated with obesity, common weight-loss myths, and more. On the day itself, the Association held a Facebook Live event which featured three discussion topics and culminated in a guided exercise routine. There was significant media interest on World Obesity Day, with ASOBE members speaking on national TV with a view to raising awareness of the obesity pandemic.

Dr Gilda de Noyola, ASOBE president, gave a talk as part of activities for Sleep Apnea Awareness Day, held on 20 March 2021.

The 2nd National Obesity Congress was held between 24 and 26 August 2021, with days dedicated to general information on obesity, nutritional approaches to obesity and surgical treatments. Speakers were made up of ASOBE leaders, and speakers from across Latin America and further afield.