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School for Health- for children, parents and teachers

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The ‘School for Health’ was held in Albena from the 1st to the 6th of September. The event was organised by the Bulgarian Association for the Study of Obesity and Related Diseases (BASORD) with the cooperation of the Bulgarian academy of sciences and arts and the foundation “For food”. 

Prof Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska, President of BASORD summarises the event: 

"Every morning at 7:30am all of the participants were doing sport at the beach. The Gymnastics morning routine continued for 30 minutes. After the sport, everybody had breakfast and then the lectures for parents began. Every day there were different topics discussed related to healthy lifestyle and comprising: diet, physical activity, sleep, oral health etc.

These sessions were held by prominent experts in the field of childhood nutrition and obesity. During the lectures for parents, the children were also busy, learning how to prepare salads, sandwiches and different healthy drinks-such as the traditional Bulgarian Airian (it is prepared with yogurt and water). We helped children distinguish between “good” and “bad” foods and how to make healthy choices. They really enjoyed everything. After that, we organised different games and both children and parents took part in them. We went swimming, running etc. We had healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and for dinner. After dinner, every day we went on a long walk by the beach. The last day we had a pool party-we were dancing there. We had really gоod time!"

In summary, the purpose of the event was to give the participants (children and adults) a clear idea of what is good and bad for their health. Ultimately so that they can use the advice to steer a healthy lifestyle.