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News from ICO 2014

Headline research from ICO day 4 (20th March)

/ Sleep disturbance becomes more common as people gain weight
/ Poor sleep may increase weight gain and raise the risk of diabetes
/ Education can protect against obesity as countries become wealthier
/ Obesity much more likely to lead to depression in women than men
/ Further confirmation that depression and obesity are closely interlinked
/ Rope skipping may help Malaysian children keep healthy
/ Students in Kuala Lumpur show high levels of obesity

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Headline research from ICO day 3 (19 March)

/ Greek students benefit from canteen energy labelling
/ Adolescents’ dietary patterns predict insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes
/ Can cardamom spice help reverse the metabolic syndrome?
/ Poor parental education increases the chance of obesity for children in Taiwan
/ Fast food and sugary drink commercials target low income and black neighbourhoods
/ Mexican children in southern USA get junk foods from mobile vendors
/ Western diets may make Malaysian adolescents fat
/ TV watching raises the risk of obesity in Canadian children
/ Cocoa extracts may help lose weight and prevent obesity-related diseases
/ Breast cancer risk is related to low physical activity levels as well as higher BMI
/ Gallbladder cancer risk higher among people with higher BMIs
/ Treatment of acupuncture may enhance your dieting

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Headline research presented on Day 2 of the congress (18 March):
/ A low glycemic diet in pregnancy may reduce the risk of child and adult obesity
/ Overweight children already have adipose tissue dysfunction
/ Overweight youth in India show high levels of fatty liver disease
/ New checklist measures ‘healthfulness’ of workplaces
/ Workplace activities can prevent sleepiness and waist circumference gain
/ Energy labelling of fast food reduced amount purchased
/ Australians would support soft drink taxes and traffic light labelling
/ Fatty liver disease in Indian Asians linked to coronary artery disease
/ Obesity reaches 20% among adolescents in Abu Dhabi, UAE
/ Greek children with high blood pressure more likely to be overweight
/ Gulf States youth who eat breakfast are more likely to have healthy lifestyles
/ Focused attention’ at meals can reduce food intake from snacks
/ Low-income Australians benefit from FOODcents workshops
/ Phone app treats obesity cravings as addictions

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Research highlights from Day 1 at ICO2014 (17 March)
/ Dieting for two weeks every month may increase your weight loss
/ Risk of preeclampsia can be reduced by losing weight before pregnancy
/ Belgian community-based programme reduces childhood obesity by 22% in 3 years
/ Local food supplies: time to tackle the corner store
/ Two-thirds of parents of overweight children do not perceive a problem
/ Lack of fitness, not fatness, puts girls at cardiovascular risk
/ Jamie’s cooking classes influence perceptions of food
/ South Africa: Young adults would benefit most from a soft drinks tax
/ Teenagers describe their struggle with an obesity-promoting environment
/ Advertising on Malaysian TV influences children’s preferences and desires
/ Lack of sleep may lead to obesity in Malaysian children

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World Obesity's International Congress on Obesity gets underway in Kuala Lumpur (17 March)

NCD briefing from IASO - 10th January

IASO publishes a new policy briefing paper urging government action on obesity and NCDs. The briefing is available here and supporting documentation is available here


New EU project announced - DAPHNE 11th December 2013
€4.9m project launched to help Europeans manage their weight

IASO co-signs WHO statement - November 2013

IASO, along with other NGOs signs a statement to the WHO European Ministerial Conference on Nutrition and Non-Communicable Diseases

INFORMAS (International Network for Food and Obesity/NCDs, Research, Monitoring and Action Support) - 18th September 2013
A new network has been launched which will monitor food products, governments and food industry to check obesity progress. This is being carried out under the auspices of IOTF. See here for more information and here for an Obesity Reviews supplement.

Bellagio: Tackling obesity in LMIC - 18th September 2013
Obesiy Reviews supplement published highlighting the role of Big Food in undermining healthy food policies and efforts to tackle NCDs in LMIC. See here

TOYBOX Press Release - 17th September 2013
Spanish kindergarten children now 24% overweight

Statement on Nutrition and NCD's to the 63rd Global WHO Regional Committee for Europe - 16th September 2013

Conference summary published - 6th September 2013

IASO and WCRF International have published a joint conference summary on the recent Hot Topic Conference; Obesity, Physical Activity and Cancer

IASO responds to consultation on the post-2015 agenda - July 2013

Food marketing to children Press Release - 17th July 2013

Is obesity a disease? (June 2013)

IASO responds to discussions on whether or not obesity should be classified as a disease


ANZJPH Press Release - 10th December 2012

A little wine is good for you? Not if you are overweight

SPOTLIGHT Press Release - 16th October 2012

€3.8m project to see why Europeans gain weight

IASO report on advertising in Europe - 27th September 2012

IASO finds inadequate self-regulation of marketing of fatty and sugary foods to children

Charter on Obesity and Mental Health - 5th July 2012
International panel of experts issue the Toronto Charter for Obesity and Mental Health

ENERGY Press Release - 22nd June 2012

Immigrant families suffer high risk of child obesity

UNC Press Release - 14th June 2012

First study of its kind finds rapid declines in wordwide physical activity

ENERGY Press Release - 25th April 2012

Greece tops the league for fattest children

TOYBOX Press Release - 6th April 2012

TV-watching and overconsumption of unhealthy snacks and softdrinks: a serious threat to young children's health

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