SCOPE School is a course accredited by World Obesity's educational programme: SCOPE (Specialist Certification for Obesity Professional Education).

This three day course takes place every year and covers all aspects of obesity management that professionals dealing with obese and overweight patients are likely to encounter, and will provide a greater understanding of effective patient management and the role of professionals in tackling obesity.

The 7th SCOPE School took place in Dublin, Ireland from the 11th - 13th July 2013.

This intensive course provides a unique opportunity for professionals to engage with experts in the field and understand the new challenges in obesity management. Taught by leading international experts, the sessions will involve lectures, discussions, debates as well as opportunities to socialise and share experiences with experts and fellow students.

This is an essential course for professionals who are looking to equip themselves with the best knowledge, skills and tools to deal with obesity - one of today's biggest medical problems.

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