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Listen to experts and young people share their concerns, observations and ideas to address the obesity epidemic.

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Transforming Food Systems: Building a Youth Led Response


Redesigning food systems is vital if we are to ensure that everyone has access to affordable, sustainable diets. Transforming food systems has the potential to be a driving force to end all forms of malnutrition, including obesity. Learn more.

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Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Episode 3


"It's that kind of not... not giving up!" In this final episode of our mini-series we look at some of the big solutions in action to address obesity, hearing from people working on the front lines at national and local levels.

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Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Episode 2


“The meal at school is the only meal they get that day..." In this episode we explore how with young people at the helm, schools can become champions for their student's health.

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Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Episode 1


"It Made Me So Hungry... It Nearly Made Me Dribble!" Our first episode will look at the challenges around regulating marketing to children, especially in the digital sphere.

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