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It is no surprise that blogs are increasingly gaining in popularity. It allows you to easily express yourself and share your ideas, thoughts, feelings and more. Blogs allow you to share as much or as little as you want with people who have similar interests. It is also a fantastic medium to raise awareness and gain people’s support. But most importantly, blogs are a great way to tell your story to the world. Here, you can read some of the stories written by adolescents across the world!

The value of engaging with Scouts: CO-CREATE’s story of success


In the last 2 years, the Scouts have placed a spotlight on obesity prevention in Portugal and worked across Europe with fellow youth, policymakers, business leads, and experts to tackle this growing epidemic.

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The CO-CREATE Youth Stipends: Are you willing to be a changemaker?

14.09.21 |Article

CO-CREATE wants to give you the opportunity to help transform your ideas into action!

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Future decision-makers, present-day changemakers: how young people are revolutionising the food system


CO-CREATE youth take the global stage at the UN Food Systems Summit Pre-Summit in a youth-led dialogue.

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Do you want to Act4Change?


As a collective force, young people have extraordinary potential to mobilise and influence tangible, positive change in our world’s food systems. Youth across the world are rallying behind #Act4Food #Act4Change.

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The 4th Global Youth Meet on Health carried out online for the first time.


CO-CREATE Youth Taskforce Member, Zuzanna Burzynska shares her experience participating in the Global Youth Meet for Health 2021!

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The CO-CREATE Youth Declaration: youth demand action for youth


The CO-CREATE project is proud to present the CO-CREATE Youth Declaration. Written and adopted by young people, the declaration demands political change to secure a heal

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World Obesity Day 2021: Every body needs everybody, and this includes youth


2020 has shown that many aspects of our health are not only determined by ourselves, but are often shaped by the society we live in. COVID-19 has highlighted the treat obesity poses to us as well as to our societies. This World Obesity Day (March 4th), we

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CO-CREATE hosts its first Youth Virtual Seminar!


On Tuesday 9th February 2021, CO-CREATE held its first Virtual Youth Seminar. The event provided a platform for young people to share their input, perspective and suggestions to address the global challenge of childhood and adolescent overweight and obesi

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