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Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Season 2, Episode 3


Youth are ready to re-imagine a better world!

Join us on World Health Day, April 7th to hear stories and words of wisdom from young people who have been galvanising momentum and working on campaigns and projects to create societies that keep humans and the planet healthy, whilst protecting children’s rights.

The episode is hosted by Claudia Batz, Policy and Projects Coordinator at the World Obesity Federation, and Dara Karakolis, Co-coordinator of the Act4Food Act4Change Campaign.

They speak to Dev Sharma, British Campaigner, and Youth Activist. Dev is the Youth MP for West Hampshire & Chair of Bite Back 2030, Youth leader Act4Food Act4Change, a youth-led movement campaigning for an urgent and radical transformation of food systems.

D’Arcy Williams, Programme Officer at UNICEF HQ based in NYC also gives useful insights on UNICEFs portfolio of work on food systems and climate. D’Arcy works on the prevention of childhood overweight & obesity in low- and middle-income countries, with a special focus on youth engagement in food system transformation.

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  • Dev Sharma – @DevSharmaMVP
  • D’Arcy Williams - @monsieur_dArcy_

Thanks to the Podcast Company and Jonathan Hart for production and editing.

See you next time!

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