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Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Season 2, Episode 2


Did you know that our current food systems produce between 20 and 35% of global greenhouse gas emissions? But how can reverse the issues presented in the Global Syndemic?

The second episode re-introduces the Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition and Climate Change report that was published by the Lancet Commission on Obesity in 2019 and focuses on discussing how and why we can transform our food systems.

The episode is hosted by Claudia Batz, Policy and Projects Coordinator at the World Obesity Federation, and Dara Karakolis, Co-coordinator of the Act4Food Act4Change Campaign.

They speak to Prof Corinna Hawkes, Professor of Food Policy at City, University London. She was also a Commissioner on the Lancet Commission on Obesity amongst many other roles! Read her regular blog here. Claudia and Dara are also joined by Bernis Cunningham – Director of the Planting Change Foundation in Nicaragua and Act4Food Act4Change leader. Bernis is dedicated to engaging youth and communities in environmental management.

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Thanks to the Podcast Company and Jonathan Hart for production and editing.

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