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Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Episode 3


In this final episode of our mini-series we look at some of the big solutions in action to address obesity, hearing from people working on the front lines at national and local levels. Across different contexts the message is the same: giving up is not an option!

Taxes on products like cigarettes and alcohol have helped enable major public health gains, but can they also work on sugary drinks too? We go to Mexico to hear about the realities of implementing a sugar tax and front-of-package labeling in a country where Coca Cola is king.

Then we travel to London to learn about some innovations in urban health that are improving the lives of children in some of the city's poorest neighbourhoods. Action on childhood obesity should always be evidence-based, but what counts as evidence? And how will we know what works without trying?

Finally, hear from some passionate young people in Portugal about what they believe youth engagement could and should look like and what they believe we should prioritize in policymaking.

The episode is co-hosted by Faith Newsome, student researcher and founder of OCEANS Support and Advocacy Group and Claudia Batz, policy coordinator at World Obesity.

Lesly Vejar @inspmx
Sarah Hickey @ImpUrbanHealth
Malfado and Pedro @EU_COCREATE

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