Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Episode 1 | World Obesity Federation

Youth Voices for Healthy Choices: Episode 1


All of us have heard of subliminal messaging in advertising, but we may not be aware of the impact the ads we see everyday have on our health. Luckily, young people are fighting back. Our first episode will look at the challenges around regulating marketing to children, especially in the digital sphere.

The episode is hosted by Faith Newsome, student researcher and founder of OCEANS Support and Advocacy Group. She speaks to Katy Cooper, public health consultant and chair of the UK Working Group on Non-Communicable Diseases. Faith also chats with youth campaigner Tasha Mhakayakora who is part of Biteback 2030. Check out Biteback's social experiment video, The Shocking Effects of Junk Food Advertising!

We also hear clips from school children describing the power of food advertising , which are taken from the Food Diaries project led by UCL’s Centre for Gender and Health


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