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Our Frequently Asked Questions are here to answer any immediate questions you may have. If you still have some questions, do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@worldobesity.org

Healthy Voices is an educational and capacity-building website that provides a space for young people to discuss some of the challenges linked with overweight and obesity.  It will provide you with some tools and expertise about how to become actively involved in shaping the health and political environments. We want to create a community and a space for you to be able to share your stories and experiences with other engaged and driven young people.

If you are interested in learning more about Youth Engagement, sign up to the CO-CREATE newsletter to be up-to-date about some of our findings and upcoming events. 

If you are interested in taking action and becoming actively engaged in Youth Engagement, there are a number of Youth Organisations you can contact to become involved with.

Yes, you can also share your story as a narrative. Additionally, stay tuned for an additional section of Healthy Voices which will allow you to share your story through different mediums, including drawings, photos and more.

Visit the policy summary section of our website. Additionally, for policies on specific topics, you can visit the World Obesity Federation’s website which includes a selection of Policy Dossiers that include summaries and links to advocacy reports. Click here to access them.

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