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Do you want to Act4Change?


We are asking youth to support the Act4Food Act4Change global youth-led movement. To sign a pledge and decide what actions you would like your governments and businesses to take to ensure that the food system you grow up in is healthy, just, and sustainable.

First, by a simple act of signing a pledge, you will raise awareness about these issues amongst global decision-makers and help create a big buzz.  

Secondly, our Act4Food Act4Change Youth Leaders, with support from other youth, have agreed on a long list of potential Actions 4 Change. Since 18 May, you are now able to vote for which Actions 4 Change are most important to you. The ones with the most votes will make it onto the final list that will be presented at the United Nations Food Systems Summit in September 2021 together with the number of pledges signed.  

The actions will then be used to gain the support of global decision-makers at events later in the year and in the decade of action that lies ahead, ensuring that they implement policies that create a healthy, fair, and sustainable food system. 

If you are passionate and would like to be involved further than signing the pledge and voting for your top actions the Act4Food Act4Chnage Youth Advocates is for you! Please sign up to our newsletter or join our Facebook group for more opportunities to participate and represent the Act4Food Act4Change movement!

By: Dara Karakolis, Youth Coordinator, Act4Food Act4Change, The Food Foundation 


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