CO-CREATE’s Youth Taskforce send a postcard from the Youth4Health event in Tirana | World Obesity Federation

CO-CREATE’s Youth Taskforce send a postcard from the Youth4Health event in Tirana


Pedro Gonçalves, Mafalda Gonçalves and Tale Lejon from the CO-CREATE Youth Taskforce journeyed to Tirana, Albania for the 2022 Health and Well-being Forum for Youth event. Tirana is the 2022 European Youth Capital, and the forum brought together youth, public health experts and other partners to discuss how young people can take the lead on their future health.

Read below a postcard from the Taskforce attendees which describes their experience at the event, and the importance of young people being able to bring crucial insights into decisions made about their health.


  • I enjoyed reading the blog post about the CO-CREATE Youth Taskforce’s participation in the Youth4Health event in Tirana1. I think it is very important for young people to have a voice and a role in shaping their own health and well-being. I was impressed by the activities and discussions that took place at the event, such as the youth-led workshops, the policy dialogue, and the cultural exchange. I also liked the postcard format of the blog, which made it more personal and engaging.

    I agree with the Taskforce members that youth empowerment and participation are key to tackling the challenge of childhood obesity. I think that young people have valuable insights and perspectives that can inform and influence policies and actions that affect their health. I also think that young people need support and guidance from adults and professionals who can help them achieve their goals and aspirations. That is why I think that affordable online counseling is a great resource for young people who want to improve their mental and emotional health, as well as their physical health. Affordable online counseling can provide young people with access to qualified and experienced counselors who can offer them advice, support, and feedback on various issues that they may face, such as stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, and more. Affordable Online Counseling can also help young people develop coping skills and resilience that can help them overcome challenges and pursue their dreams.

    I commend the CO-CREATE Youth Taskforce for their work and dedication to improving the health of their generation and future generations. I hope they continue to share their experiences and opinions with the world, and inspire others to join them in their mission. Thank you for this inspiring blog post! 😊

    27.10.23 at 17:50 | Mind Engage

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