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CO-CREATE Youth Task Force open letter


The CO-CREATE Youth Task Force is urging researchers, policy makers and stakeholders through an Open letter to involve youth in an meaningful and respectful way in new projects and processes.

Young people are often overseen and not involved in making decisions about issues that affects them. Organisations are now invited to sign the Youth Task Force Open letter to push for more youth involvement and youth empowerment in projects.

By actively involving young people in shaping policies and research, we harness diverse perspectives crucial for building a better future. The CO-CREATE-project exemplifies the power of youth engagement, illuminating often-overlooked aspects like mental health's impact on physical well-being. It's imperative that researchers, policymakers, and society as a whole recognise and embrace our contributions. The Youth Taskforce's demands underscore our determination for tangible change, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing our health, education, and overall well-being in policy agendas.

Join the movement now by signing the Open Letter now!


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