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CO-CREATE Taskforce participates in the European Youth Event 2023

19.06.23 |Article

The article below is a report on the EYE 2023 event by Pedro Côrte-Real Gonçalves.

The European Youth Event (EYE2023), held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, was a remarkable gathering that brought together ten thousand young individuals from across the European Union.

This event, organised by the EU, aimed to create a sense of belonging among youth, provide a platform for sharing ideas and projects and foster networking opportunities. As a participant and representative of the CO-CREATE project, I had the privilege of experiencing this transformative event first-hand.

The days were full of opportunities, and activities were divided between two locations. In the European Parliament, the sessions took place in the Hemicycle or in other rooms. We had the opportunity to attend workshops and plenary sessions there. Additionally, there was the Ideas Hub where we could think about and develop new ideas, working together with youth from other countries. In the EYE Village, more informal events took place, such as concerts and socialising spaces. Some organizations were also present to showcase themselves, such as, the UN, and the European Youth Forum.

The CO-CREATE project focuses on addressing youth-related issues by promoting dialogue and action in areas such as health, sustainability, and policy-making.

As a youth participant, the event gave me the opportunity to share information about the project’s research & goals, as well as the project's resources, including the Youth Declaration, the Dialogue Forum tool, and the soon-to-be-released Activity Toolkit!

The European Parliament served as the hub for various sessions, workshops, and plenary sessions where we had the chance to exchange ideas, enhance our knowledge, and strengthen our understanding of European politics. The Ideas Hub provided a collaborative space where we could brainstorm and develop innovative solutions while collaborating with fellow youth from different countries. This interactive environment empowered us to harness our collective potential and work towards common goals.

The European Youth Event was an exceptional opportunity for young individuals to connect, collaborate, and engage with each other and with stakeholders at the heart of the European Union.

The event fostered a sense of belonging, reinforced the importance of youth participation in politics, and empowered us to actively shape our future. As we left the event, we carried with us a renewed spirit of unity, armed with the knowledge that our voices matter and that we can drive meaningful change. The European Youth Event served as a catalyst, igniting the flame of active citizenship within each participant and laying the foundation for a brighter, more inclusive future in Europe.

One of the key takeaways from the European Youth Event was the feeling of belonging among the participants. It was evident that youth from different backgrounds shared the same desire to be included in their countries' political landscapes as well as in the broader European Union. This sense of unity transcended borders, languages, and cultures, reinforcing that young people are a powerful force for change and should have a say in shaping their futures.


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