World Obesity’s Terms of Engagement

World Obesity has been working to develop its own “Financial Relationship Policy” which includes a risk assessment on whether and when a financial engagement would be acceptable and in line with World Obesity’s aims.

The policy document is available here and the protocol used to assess organisations is available here.

In the interests of transparency, a summary of the Policy Alignment Assessment for companies for which an engagement has been approved is listed below (refers to engagement since January 2015, when the policy was first implemented)

Organisation Type of Engagement   Date 
Dairy Council Event Sponsor Oct 2015 
Novo Nordisk SCOPE Translations (Portuguese and Spanish)
Jan 2015
Sable Systems Event Sponsor June 2015
Slimming World Event Sponsor Oct 2015
TSE Systems Event Sponsor June 2015
Xucker Event Sponsor June 2015
Early Life Nutrition Network Event Sponsor Oct 2015
Diploma MSc Event Sponsor Oct 2015
Hamad Medical Corporation Event Sponsor Oct 2015
Weill Cornel Medical College in Qatar Event Sponsor Oct 2015
Sahtak Awalan: Your Health First Event Sponsor Oct 2015
Obesinov Event Sponsor Nov 2015
Certmedica Event Sponsor Nov 2015
Research Diets Event Sponsor Nov 2015
Healthy Weight Partners Event Sponsor Nov 2015
SECA Event Sponsor Jan 2016
ECFS Event Sponsor Jan 2016
Swissray Event Sponsor Feb 2016
Ideal Protein Event Sponsor Feb 2016
Watermeadow Event Sponsor March 2016
Bioscientifica Event Sponsor March 2016
Weight Watchers Event Sponsor March 2016
ArjoHuntleigh Event Sponsor March 2016
Springer Event Sponsor March 2016
LighterLife Event Sponsor March 2016
Coronary Prevention Group Staff Support Costs/Project Support Sept 2016
European Commission Projects and Grants Sept 2016
UK Health Forum Staff Support Costs/Project Support Sept 2016
Optifast Event Sponsor Oct 2016
Cambridge Weight Plan Event Sponsor Oct 2016
Eurodiet Event Sponsor Nov 2016
Valeant Pharmaceutical Event Sponsor Nov 2016


To support your work in policy and advocacy we recommend that all World Obesity’s member organisations follow our terms of engagement.

For further infomation please view our conflicts of interest page here.