World Obesity’s Terms of Engagement

World Obesity has been working to develop its own “Financial Relationship Policy” which includes a risk assessment on whether and when a financial engagement would be acceptable and in line with World Obesity’s aims. The document is available here.  It categorises a company into one of three tiers, and categorises the type of relationship that may be considered, and specifies the procedures for making a risk assessment in each case. A “risk” can be classified as anything that could potentially cause reputational damage or prevent World Obesity working towards its goals in its capacity as an independent charitable organisation.

For each potential financial engagement, a protocol is completed. The protocol is available here. It will be seen that, for some organisations, in respect of certain forms of engagement, a Policy Alignment Assessment is completed within the protocol. In the interests of transparency, a summary of the Policy Alignment Assessment for companies for which an engagement has been approved is published here.

To support your work in policy and advocacy we recommend that all World Obesity’s member organisations follow our terms of engagement.

For further infomation please view our Conflicts of interest page here