Hot Topic Conference 2015: Obesity & Pregnancy

Obesity and Pregnancy was our 'Hot Topic' for 2015.  The rise of obesity in developed countries, including amongst women of reproductive age, means that discussing obesity’s impact on pregnancy could not be more important.

This two-day event balanced basic science, translational research and clinical practice.  Topics such as the merit of obesity interventions during pregnancy were discussed, and we heard about new policy regarding pregnancy. We delved into the often poorly-understood factors affecting pregnancy, including probiotics, micro-nutrients and physical activity. Our international panel of renowned experts presented and integrated their findings on these diverse topics to provide a better understanding of obesity and pregnancy.

These conferences are targeted at clinicians (obstetricians, paediatricians, endocrinologists, surgeons, etc.), and midwives, psychologists, nutritionists and basic scientists involved in the field of obesity and reproduction.

The event took place 29-30th October 2015 in London, UK.

/ Programme

Scientific Committee:

Dilys Freeman – University of Glasgow

Roland Devlieger - UZ Leuven

Patrick Catalano - Case Western Reserve University

Nancy Butte - Baylor College of Medicine

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Speaker Slides:

What are the big questions? - Patrick Catalano

DHA, an essential fatty acid required for neurodevelopment, metabolism in healthy pregnancy and preeclampsia - Dilys Freeman

The inter-pregnancy period, an opportunity for intervention? - Annick Bogaerts

Metabolic disorders of pregnancy: gesational diabetes, hyperlipidaemia - Nancy Butte

Policy and Prevention - New Pregnancy Guidelines - Nathali Lehmann Schumann

Wrap Up & Take Aways - Dilys Freeman / Roland Devlieger


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