Would you like to suggest an idea for a conference?

We need some information from you:

A summary of the event – maximum 300 words – stating why  you feel the area should be addressed

The learning objectives for the event

Who the target audience will be (basic science researchers, health professionals, policy and public health professionals, etc.)

A breakdown of proposed session titles and topics that should be covered

Proposal of three people that would be suitable to sit on the Scientific Committee along with World Obesity nominated experts

Proposed speakers (suggestions only, please do not invite anyone at this stage) – we suggest a maximum of 12 speakers

A list of companies that you think would be suitable sponsors for this event (let us know if you have any personal contacts within these companies)

Suggested time of year taking into consideration other events that may compete with this conference for delegates and sponsors

For your information…

World Obesity will:

Take all financial responsibility for any accepted conference proposals and have final decision on all aspects of the event

Manage the administration of the conference

Have final decision on location of the event

Have final decision on any sponsors and exhibitors

Appoint a scientific committee, in consultation with you, to put together the final programme and final list of speakers

We expect you to play an active role and assist in the following areas:

Planning the scientific content

Working with us to identify and approach potential sponsors and exhibitors 

Publicising the event to potential delegates

Please download & complete the form here and return by email to events@worldobesity.org.