Action Initiative Roundtable Meeting

Report from the 2017 Roundtable is now available to download here!

Obesity is a crowded policy area, with many competing voices and perspectives seeking to be heard.  We aim to cut through this noise with a clear and supportive proposition expressed via each of the proposed Action Initiative Programmes. As we review the Action Initiative on a yearly basis we are keen to hear the views and priorities of a range of stakeholders in different sectors who have an interest in preventing, managing and treating obesity. In order to understand these priorities we will hold a regular Roundtable Meeting.  This will underpin actions of the Initiative, setting the programmes we propose in this prospectus into a broader structure and establishing realistic ambitions for how the Initiative can grow in years to come.

Placing the outcomes of the Roundtable Meeting at the heart of this initiative means that Advocates and Champions alike can be very clear about how the priorities for the Action Initiative are set and that they have an opportunity to directly feed into what they are joining and supporting.

World Obesity is keen to hear from stakeholders with a range of perspectives and priorities. We believe this is essential for it to be a strong foundation for such a collaborative undertaking. Participants will include Champions and Advocates of the Action Initiative, including those involved in professional practice, research, and educational activities and their development of various therapeutic approaches to obesity prevention and management, related chronic diseases and risk factors, as well as those that bring a consumer or patient perspective. Participants come from a range of public and private sector entities, including health, pharmaceutical, investment, sports and fitness and academia. Other interested groups who we feel might benefit from the Action Initiative are also invited to attend as observers.

Objectives and outcomes of the Roundtable

  1. To discuss the participants’ perspectives on priority areas for action on obesity. 

  2. To discuss current and potential directions arising from the Action Initiative and the opportunities for new initiatives.

  3. To discuss the resources and inputs required to develop the priority actions.

Managing the Roundtable will take a significant amount of World Obesity resource, both from its Executive Office and across its expert network.  To support this we are looking for unrestricted funding from Champions who in return will be recognised as “Founding Champions” throughout the time they support the Action Initiative.  We ask for an additional contribution from Champions of the Action Initiative of £5,000.