How to get involved

The Challenge

How can we help those who need to be more active and consume fewer calories in our inappropriate environment? 

How do we develop a new global landscape where activity and exercise are the norm and food just as appetising but does not lead to overconsumption?

The Answer

Action Initiative Membership!

By becoming part of our coalition of stakeholders, you join the fight against obesity through an ever more powerful collective voice. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the obesity epidemic and how it can be tackled and we need your help to do this!

The Action Initiative Advocates and Champions are stakeholders from a range of sectors that undertake to help us with our key calls to action through the Action Initiative Programmes. Either through communication of key information to their organisation's contacts (Advocates) and/or through financial support for individual programmes (Champions). 

By supporting one or more of the calls to action you can actively get involved and become part of the global movement to combat obesity.