SCOPE in Action

SCOPE is the only internationally-recognised certification in obesity management. It equips all health professionals with up-to-date, evidence-based obesity management resources, to better treat their obese patients and to excel in their careers.  The programme is overseen as a core activity of World Obesity’s Clinical Care work stream.

The education provided by SCOPE is particularly valued in the developing world.  In 2015 we translated SCOPE into Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese and French to give the programme the potential to make maximum impact in developing regions such as South America and spread evidence-based best practice in obesity management to a global audience. 

We are keen to address any barriers standing in the way of professionals benefitting from training that can help them to support individuals seeking to lose or manage their weight.  For a problem that affects so many people, there is a distinct lack of obesity clinicians and researchers. As part of our Action Initiative we are therefore looking for financial support to promote SCOPE and ensure that individuals are able to benefit from it, where appropriate, regardless of potential financial restrictions.