Knowledge Exchange Portal

There is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and evidence available on obesity, its causes and effects.  Across the obesity community there is also much knowledge about what can, and should be done to tackle it. There are many examples from all over the world where action is being taken. Yet health community campaigners can struggle to know what information they should use as a consistent, reliable source, to enable them to communicate around obesity.

World Obesity has already taken the first steps to support the work of others through its current website, which brings together key facts, figures and more on obesity, as well as through the World Obesity Advocacy Toolkit.  Through the Action Initiative we want to take this work further, ensuring that visitors know that World Obesity is the best source for the information they need in making a case for action to address obesity. We will augment our current online presence focussing on making the key arguments and evidence readily available and communicating work underway around the world to tackle the obesity crisis.

The portal acts as a single resource putting facts at finger-tips, and allowing those who so wish to dive deeper into sources and materials.  A comprehensive and easily accessible single ‘bank’ of information it is an invaluable tool for all.

We are in a unique position being providers of this resource, we are already a key source for obesity maps and data and we also collaborate with our membership to identify the key campaigning needs and best examples.