Dr. Hermann Toplak

Hermann Toplak was born in Graz, Austria, where he underwent his education including the study of medicine at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz where he graduated in 1984. After postgradual scientific education at the Departments of Pediatrics in Graz and Berne and Internal Medicine and Surgery in a smaller local hospital in Austria he moved tot he University of Graz, Department of Medicine where he finished his postgradual education in Internal Medicine and lateron Endocrinology and Metabolism. He became Associate Professor of Medicine in 1995 and Full Professor of Medicine in 2013 at Graz University.

The scientific interests focus on all aspects of the ʹMetabolic Syndromeʹ, lifestyle and nutrition. In 1992 he started with the first obesity studies with a randomised trial on meal replacement and was later involved in many drug trials.

In 1997 he was co-founder oft he Austrian Obesity Association and was their president from 1997-1999 and 2012-2013. He has been representative for Austria in EASO and IASO for many years and chaired the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna 2001. He has also been Founding Fellow of SCOPE. Since 2005 he is member of the Executive Committee of EASO and has been Regional Vice President, Secretary, President Elect and since 2015 he is the current President of the EASO.

This programme is partially supported by an unrestricted medical education grant from Novo Nordisk A/S.