Dr Victor Saavedra

In 1984, Dr. Victor Saavedra, together with a group of doctors, founded a Scientific-Medical Corporation to group all those health professionals who are related to the management of Obesity. This is how the Chilean Society of Obesity was born. SOCHOB was a pioneer in Chile in the study of the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of overweight and obesity.

In 1990, the First Latin American Obesity Congress was held and, as President of SOCHOB, he created and founded the Latin American Federation of Obesity Societies (FLASO), which brings together 18 countries in Latin America and was led by him in his two first years. (1990-1992).

In 1993, Dr Saavedra, as Representative of Chile, made the official entry of SOCHOB, in the city of Ulm, Germany, to the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO), forming part of its General Council.

He was President of the Chilean Society of Obesity from 1986 to 1995 and Vice President of the Chilean Society of Obesity from 1997 to 2005.

Other charges related to obesity include:
• • President of the 1st Latin American Obesity Congress, Chile (1990)
• • President and organizer of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Chilean Congress of Obesity;
• • Honor President of the 1st Argentine Congress of Obesity. SAOTA (1991)
• • Honorary President of the 1st Uruguayan Congress of Obesity. (1993)
• • Honor President of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Latin American Congresses of Societies of Obesity (FLASO) in Uruguay (1993), Colombia (1996) and Argentina (1999);
• • Member of the Obesity Expert Group. Consensus Group Rio de Janeiro. Task Force FLASO. IOTF-FLASO meeting. Buenos Aires, Argentina 1999.
• • Member of the Ethics Commission of the Latin American Federation of Obesity Societies. 2003;
• • Member Committee link FLASO / NAASO for Education. FT Lauderdale. USES. 2003
• • President of the Chilean Society of Obesity 2005-2007
• • Chilean delegate to the General Council of the International Association of the Study of Obesity (IASO) in Ulm, Germany (1993); Paris, France (1998); Milan, Italy (1999); Charleston. USA (1999); Anstwerp, Belgium. (2000); Vienna, Austria (2001); SaoPablo, Brazil (2002); Ft.Lauderdale, USA (2003): Prague, Czech Republic (2004); Las Vegas, USA (2004).
• • Nominated Vice-president of the International Association of the Study of Obesity (IASO) for Latin-American period 2006/2008.
Chilean representative before:
• • Prologue Latin American Consensus Obesity, Colombia (1998);
• • 1st Latin American Convention for Consensus in Obesity. Brazil (1998);
• • Cimeira Latino-Americana do Peso Saudável.Brasil (2001);
• • Latin American Obesity Consensus Review. Colombia. (2003)
• • Representative of the Chilean Society of Obesity before Minsal work committees on issues of pharmacological regulation and AUGE.
• • Editor and Director of the Journal of the Chilean Society of Obesity. (1990-2000)
• • Representative of Chile before the Latin American Society of Atherosclerosis (SOLAT) (2012 to date)
• • Exhibitor on Obesity issues and related in National Congresses, Conferences, Symposiums and Courses in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Ecuador, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Uruguay;
• • Exhibitor for Chile in the Latin American Obesity Congresses: 1st Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2nd Montevideo, Uruguay, 3rd Bogota, Colombia, 4th Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5th Panama City, Panama and 6th Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2005) .
• • Exhibitor for Chile at the World Obesity Congresses: 8th ICO, Paris, France and 9th ICO Sao Paulo, Brazil.
• • Exhibitor for Chile in the Latin American Congresses of Atherosclerosis of Paraguay (2012), Bolivia (2014), Cuba (2015).
• Vice president of FLASO before WOF (Word Obesity Federation) 2017-2020

Teaching fees:
• • Teaching Coordinator in Physiology, Physiopathology, Policy and Management in Health and Administration, Management and Administration in Health, Management and Administration 2, Healthy Lifestyles. School of Dentistry. Phonoaudiology career. University Mayor. Santiago of Chile. 2004 to 2008
• • Guest professor of Nutrition. Nutrition career School of Medicine. University Mayor. Santiago of Chile. 2005-2008
• • Teacher of the Continuing Education Course of the Chilean Society of Obesity. (1993 to date)

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