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SCOPE E-Learning discounts

The Core Learning Path is available to purchase for a standard cost of £90. Our learning paths on child obesity and CVD are available for £50 each. World Obesity offers discounted access to its members and users in low-and-middle income countries.

All other modules are available for free. Click here to get started.

Users in low-and-middle income countries

Nationals of low-and-middle income countries are entitled to access the Core Learning Path for £45, and to access the child obesity and CVD learning paths for £25 each. To be eligible, your country must be classified as a low-income, lower-middle income, middle income or higher-middle income country by the World Bank.

World Obesity members

Members of World Obesity are entitled to access the Core Learning Path for £45. Please email us with evidence of your World Obesity membership and we will provide a discount code.

Unsure if you are a member? Check our list of member organisations - if you are a member of one of these, you are a member of World Obesity!

Parts of the SCOPE training programme have benefited from an Operating Grant under the European Union's Third Health Programme.
This programme is partially supported by an unrestricted medical education grant from Novo Nordisk A/S.