STOP: First Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Conference and Dialog

Sep 16, 2019

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STOP - Science and Technology in childhood Obesity Policy

First Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Conference and Dialog

Brussels, Monday 16 September, 9.30-15.30


You are cordially invited to the first Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Conference and Dialogue, organised in the context of the STOP project, which will take place in Brussels on 16 September 2019.

This meeting is part of the STOP stakeholder engagement process which is an integral component of the four-year project. One of the main aims of this process is to recommend to national authorities and the European Commission a sustainable plan for future stakeholder engagement in the area of childhood obesity. To this end, the meeting is designed to improve mutual understanding of stakeholders’ views and positions and to obtain feedback on the project’s research directions and early outcomes.

Over 180 organisations have already shared their views, standpoints and concerns with us through the STOP stakeholder web survey at the beginning of 2019. We would like to thank once again all who took part in the survey for laying the foundations for this work. The event will be your opportunity to gain access to the first results and insights from the questionnaire which will be shared and discussed during the morning session, together with an overview of the project itself.

After lunch, during the stakeholder dialogue, you will have the opportunity to discuss with other key stakeholders topics related to childhood obesity, contribute to identifying possible policy solutions and reflect on the work of the STOP project.

This is the first such meeting, to be followed by three further meetings during the course of the project. The outcomes of these meetings will inform the STOP project and will be used to recommend a stakeholder engagement approach to the European Commission.

STOP Programme

First Childhood Obesity Stakeholder Conference and Dialogue Preliminary programme

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