Professor Svetoslav Handjiev

Svetoslav Handjiev graduated as MD with a specialisation in internal medicine and nutrition and dietetics, and holds a PhD in nutrition. He has attended numerous training courses in nutrition, and issues of metabolism and dietetics. His current clinical position is as head of Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Metabolic Diseases, Transport Hospital, in Sofia. Prof. Svetoslav Handjiev is author of 12 books and over 230 publications on nutrition, dietetics, apitherapy (dietetics with bee products – honey, propolis, bee pollenation, royal jelly, etc.), re-creative nutrition, nutritional prevention, obesity and metabolic syndrome; author of food supplements with fibers, yoghurt, propolis, bee pollenation, pectin, mumio, etc. He is the founder member and current President of the Bulgarian Association for the Study of Obesity (BASORD), and is also the President of the Bulgarian Society for Healthy and Foods. Prof. Svetoslav Handjiev is the national coordinator of the pan-European project DiOGenes ( Prof. Svetoslav Handjiev has been president of the organizing committee of international congresses on obesity and related diseases in 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2009.