Dr Dominique Durrer-Schutz

Durrer-Schutz is a General Practitioner working in Nutrition, Obesity, Eating disorders & type 2 Diabetes.  She trained at the Medical School of the University of Lausanne from 1982 to 1996. In 1982, she obtained a Medical Degree and completed a MD thesis in 1984. After following a post-graduate education in various areas of Medicine, she opened a private medical practice in Vevey (Switzerland).  At her practice, she developed and consults in the field of obesity  with multidisciplinary treatments for adults, adolescents and children, based on lifestyle & behavioural therapy, on an individual and group setting. She obtained a post-graduate university  training in Human Nutrition at Lausanne University (Certificate of Advanced Study, 1992), as  well as a diploma in Cognitive and Behavioural therapy in Lyon (2002). Finally, she obtained a Diploma in Obesity Treatment in Children & Adolescents at the University Hospital Trousseau in Paris (2004).

Dr Durrer-Schutz is an active member of several Swiss and European Associations, such as EUROPREV (European Association for Primary Care), European Network for General Practitioner (Swiss representative),  WONCA (World Organisation of National College Academy and Academic Associations for General  Physicians), as well as a member of the American Society for Diabetes.

Since 1999, she is President of EUROBESITAS (Swiss Branch) and a member of the Platform of Obesity experts for the Swiss Federal Office of Health since 2010. From 2011, she is also an active member of the Platform Nutrition, Physical activity and Health, European Commission, Brussels.

The last 15 years, she developed a number of programs on prevention and treatment  of obesity and diabetes management for adults, teenagers and children. As practicing physician, she was also involved in research activities and published 13 peer review papers in the field of obesity and family practice.