Dr Cristina Parrino

Cristina Parrino graduated in Medicine in 2009 and specialised in Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2015 at the University of Catania, Italy. During her specialist training, she had a special focus on clinical management of obesity (children, adults and bariatric surgery) and diabetes, and she also conducted clinical research on childhood obesity and basic science research on insulin resistance. In 2012 she was Visiting Research Scholar at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA working on leptin and ocular neovascularization in an in vitro model and Observer Physician at the Diabetes Outpatient Clinic, Temple University Medical School. 

In 2015 she was selected for the Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme at Novo Nordisk, a two-year programme, based in Copenhagen (Denmark), which consists of three eight-month rotations in different functions within the organisation: Global Development, Global Safety and Global Medical Affairs. Dr. Parrino started in Global Development, where she provided scientific input and worked on the design of phase 1 phase 2 clinical trials within obesity and diabetes; she then joined Global Safety where she was involved in pharmacovigilance activities related to products in the therapeutic areas of obesity and diabetes and she is currently Global Medical Advisor in GLP-1 Obesity, Global Medical Affairs. As Global Medical Advisor in obesity she is actively engaged in the scientific dialogue on obesity at scientific meetings, as well as providing internal medical guidance and training on obesity management.

She has a keen interest in obesity, bariatric surgery and diabetes and a growing curiosity and attention to the role of human nutrition in obesity management.