Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I become SCOPE Certified through e-learning alone?

Yes – you can earn 12 SCOPE Points by completing our Core Learning Path (4 SCOPE Points) and 16 of our free modules (8 SCOPE Points). There is no requirement to attend an instructor-led course. Click here to read our guide to SCOPE Certification.

How do I maintain my SCOPE Certification?

To maintain your Certification, we ask that you complete at least 2 additional modules and pay an admin fee of £10 annually. This is to ensure your obesity education remains up-to-date. If you have not already completed the Core Learning Path, you will need to do so to recertify.

Am I eligible for SCOPE Certification?

Anyone in any allied healthcare profession can apply for SCOPE. This includes doctors but also nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and many others. If you are still unsure if you qualify, contact us at

Am I entitled to a discount?

We offer discounted access to the Core Learning Path to World Obesity members, existing SCOPE subscribers and users in low-and-middle income countries. Please read this page to find out if you qualify for a discount.

How can I prove that I have treated patients with obesity? Also, how do I meet this requirement if I don't work in a clinic?

With the obesity rate in some countries exceeding a quarter of the population, it is assumed that 6 months of clinical experience involves the treatment of patients with obesity. You do not need to work in a clinic to meet the experience requirement. 

How do I register for SCOPE?

Registration is free! Simply type your email address and a password here and you will be given access to our 30+ free courses.

Is SCOPE recognised in my country?

Yes. SCOPE is the only international qualification in obesity education. We are endorsed by over 50 obesity associations in over 50 countries worldwide.

How do I take the Core Learning Path?

The Core Learning Path is available for purchase here. Once purchased, you will see the first module on your user dashboard. 

Is the Core Learning Path available in other languages?

Although we offer numerous modules in Spanish, French and Portuguese, the Core Learning Path is currently only available in English. The course will be made available in Spanish, French and Portuguese in late 2018.

Can I take SCOPE on my mobile phone/tablet?

Whilst it is technically possible to access SCOPE using mobile devices, the platform is not optimised for mobile use and we therefore currently recommend using a desktop computer or laptop. In late 2018, we will relaunch the platform in a new, mobile-friendly format. 

I completed a module, but it is still showing as 'In Progress'. Help!

This is a common error when accessing SCOPE using a mobile device. If this occurs, please email with a screenshot of your module score and we will mark the module as complete for you. 

I passed a module, but my training history shows a score of 0%. What should I do?

This is not a problem - as long a module appears under your 'completed courses', we know you have achieved a passing score of 80%. This issue will be rectified as we upgrade the platform throughout 2018.