Accredited Live Training and E-learning Courses on Obesity

In addition to our e-learning modules, live training courses are an important part of the SCOPE obesity management education programme.

Courses, sessions and lectures accredited through SCOPE have been held regularly at major congresses including the International Congress on Obesity (ICO). In addition, many of World Obesity's national associations run SCOPE accredited events at their annual meetings. We've also accredited e-learning modules developed by other organisations.

Attendance at SCOPE accredited courses allows participants to earn SCOPE points that count towards SCOPE Certification

SCOPE School 2014 Testimonials

  • "Speakers were all leading experts in the field with much experience."
  • "A very successful event with a very interesting theme, didactic lectures, interactive presentations with the participation of all the people attending, but also, personally a ‘eye opening’ opportunity to learn about obesity management."


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