The SCOPE project was developed following an 'Obesity Summit' of European Union Health Ministries in Copenhagen in 2002, where feedback from 24 countries highlighted the need to improve the clinical management of obesity. Developed jointly by the International and European Associations for the Study of Obesity (IASO & EASO), SCOPE is now governed by World Obesity Clinical Care.


  • 2002 - Obesity summit of European Union health ministries in Copenhagen
  • 2003 - SCOPE project is launched at the 12th European Congress on Obesity - ECO 2003 in Helsinki, Finland
  • 2004 - The first SCOPE Fellows within Europe are announced at the 13th European Congress on Obesity held in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2005 - SCOPE's Course Accreditation scheme is implemented
  • 2006 - Launch of the SCOPE Online Course during the 10th International Congress on Obesity held in Sydney, Australia
  • 2008 - 20th SCOPE accredited course held at University of Debrecen, Hungary
  • 2009 - First annual SCOPE Summer School held in Cambridge, UK
  • 2010 - 200th SCOPE online course registrant
  • 2011 - Redesign of SCOPE Fellowship Scheme and launch of new SCOPE e-learning environment
  • 2014 - IASO becomes the World Obesity Federation and the education programme is now governed by World Obesity Clinical Care
  • 2017 - SCOPE e-learning launches the Core Learning Path on obesity management